There are many things to see and do in Gibraltar, here are the few famous and must-sees on the rock!

10 Amazing Things to do in Gibraltar

1. The Cable Car 

Located at the end of Main Street, the Cable Car is the first point of call when it comes to getting to the top of the rock. It is easily accessible and saves a lot of time. With a cost of around £16 per adult the cable car gets you to the top of the rock in minutes. The journey up and down offers magnificent views of the Spanish coast.

This is a ‘must do’ when visiting Gibraltar as more excitement and adventure resides at the Top of The Rock.

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2. The Mediterranean steps 

Alternatively, to the Cable Car, for particularly sporty people, you can trek to the top of the rock using the Mediterranean steps. The steps can be found on the south side of the rock and offer breath taking views of the sea, a perfect Instagram spot!

3. The Ape Trail

The Apes that live at the top of the rock are the only wild Barbary Macaques on the European continent. These apes live a peaceful easy life with plentiful food and water supplied to them. They are also skilled thieves, stealing food and bags from unsuspecting tourists. Be cautious when around these animals, as this breed of Macaques may look friendly and approach you but they are very territorial animals and have even been known to bite. 

4. The Skywalk

If you have the heart for heights, you could venture to the upper rock to walk 340 metres above sea level on a glass walkway! The Skywalk offers a breath of fresh air with panoramic views of the sea and Rock. With a glass bottom this is not for the faint hearted.

5. Main street 

The busy Main street of Gibraltar offers restaurants, cafés and the best shopping area in town. A great place to shop for clothes, jewellery and perfume.

6. Bistro point

Bistro Point is based at the very tip of Gibraltar at the most southern point. The restaurant offers a wonderful variety of food and drink.  It’s the perfect spot for a romantic meal at sundown. 

7. The WWII tunnels 

The Rock has many stories to tell but this one has to be heard! You can venture through history and stand in the same place soldiers defended their country. The World War 2 tunnels offers an insight into the war and also the lives of the soldiers that lived in it. With displays and decommissioned guns to help you picture the scene of the true stories.

9. Ocean village

Check out Ocean village for a bite to eat with local and franchised restaurants all in the same area, it’s easy to find your fancy. There are also bars and night clubs in this area that are open to the early hours of the morning. If you are looking for some nightlife. 

 10. Botanical Gardens

Tranquil and natural the Botanical Gardens are well looked after green spaces that you can leisurely walk through at your own pace. There is also a small wildlife park which is perfect for a family visit. Some areas of the gardens can be hired for weddings.